Sharing a trip plan with friends!!

Triplam is the trip plan sharing app with your friends. Logged in the app, you can see the list of trip plans.

Tap the right button on the bottom bar, you will go to the plan page. Enter the items, then tap the save button at the bottom.

If you created the plan, let's share it with friends! To show the share window, tap the right button on the toolbar of plan page.

The plan data is stored locally. But to share the plan, you need to sync the data to the cloud storage of

The list of trip plan is able to filter by its status. Tap the menu button on the upper left, you can see the application menus.


Triplam is currently under construction.

If you are interested in this app, please follow our twitter account. @triplamhq

I will happily contact to you if Triplam is released!